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If you create a PC version why are you giving controller-only instructions in the game?


The game was developed during two weeks in a university course where we had full controller support on the day of the demonstration.
But you are right, we should have added a universal control scheme in the game itself.


I really enjoyed this game despute quitting through it lol. I love the artwork and atmosphere of the game. 

As you already figured out we tried really hard to deliver this atmosphere, thanks for playing!

Your team did an awesome job. You're welcome

Really fantastic work! The sound design is really what sold it for me, always being able to hear the enemies, usually before you see them. The story was minimal, but still carried the experience, and the damage was well balanced. It was enough to be stressful when you took damage, but the regenerating health removed any frustration of having to replay the rather large levels. Kick ass light dispersion too. Again, great work!


Thanks for playing our game. We are glad you enjoyed it, we sure had lots of fun developing it!

Beyond what I say in the video, it's a nice top down horror game. 

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Thanks for playing our game we really appreciate it and are excited since this is the first game we ever published.

Also big thanks for your feedback, your suggestions are very helpful and there is definitely a lot of polishing that would have been nice. We basically developed this during a two week period so some points were not completely addressed like better control system.